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February 9th, 2024


Episode 238: Trusting Yourself with Your Career Decisions

In this episode

How much do you really trust yourself when making career decisions? Are you always wondering if the decisions you make are the right ones?

In this episode, we dive deep into the topic of self-trust and explore the reasons why many individuals find it challenging to trust themselves.

Drawing from a conversation I had with the insightful Nakisha Hicks, I uncover the tendency of placing more trust in others than in ourselves. It’s time to embrace your inner wisdom and learn how to trust yourself wholeheartedly, so join me as I unravel the complexities of trusting oneself.


What will you learn in this episode:

  • How to analyse how you are making career decisions to build your confidence in this area.


  • The importance of self-awareness – we delve into the fear of failure and the role of self-compassion in building self-trust.
  • Discover practical strategies to cultivate a stronger sense of self-confidence and belief in your own abilities.

Episode notes

As an award-winning certified executive and career coach, TEDx speaker, podcast host and former lawyer, I have seen way too many female professionals under selling themselves and settling for less in their careers. I am committed to equipping high achieving women with the tools and support to create careers that are both meaningful and impactful.


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