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April 11, 2024


Episode 247: Embracing The Indirect Career Change Journey with Sofia Gameiro Inácio

Embracing The Indirect Career Change Journey with Sofia Gameiro Inácio

In this episode

In this episode of the Career Change Maker podcast, I’m talking to Sofia Gameiro Inácio; brand strategist and designer with a background in architecture. Sofia shares her career change journey and the lessons she learnt along the way. We discuss the ways you can move too fast and too frequently through different careers on a mission to find the perfect role. We look at ways to be intentional about your career moves, to pick up valuable and transferable skills and the ways you can position yourself to be in the best place to make a move now. 


 What will you learn in this episode:

  • How to embrace exploration – You don’t have to know where you will end up. Don’t discount the journey even if you are not yet at your goal. Bridge-opportunities are necessary to move you closer to your goal.


  • Personal branding – how to think of yourself as a brand or business in order to build yourself up using the 4 key stages: self-awareness, adaptability, continuously learning/challenging and building your narrative.
  • The key to telling your story – finding the reason why you are doing this, what makes you want this career change and what your desired outcome is. Then understanding the market that you are tapping into, identify patterns and behaviours.

Episode notes

As an award-winning certified executive and career coach, TEDx speaker, podcast host and former lawyer, I have seen way too many female professionals under selling themselves and settling for less in their careers. I am committed to equipping high achieving women with the tools and support to create careers that are both meaningful and impactful.

About Sofia Gameiro Inácio

Sofia is the co-founder of Vago Designs, a Brand Strategy & Design Studio that specialises in helping businesses create a meaningful impact on their audiences. All through clear messaging and purposeful designs.

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