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April 18, 2024


Episode 248: How To Make Your First 90 Days In Your New Job Role Count

How To Make Your First 90 Days In Your New Job Role Count

In this episode

In today’s episode of the Career Change Maker podcast, I share my tips and insights on how to make your first 90 days in your new job role count. You have spent the time and energy focusing on making the move, now you need to focus on what happens next, starting with the time between landing the role and beginning the role – this is a great time to research and make connections. Don’t wait for the onboarding process, there is room for you to be intentional and make an impression, this is the way to create a foundation to your new career and hit the ground running. If you’re ready to fully own and embrace your new role, this episode is for you!

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What will you learn in this episode:

  • Why 90 day planning is helpful – to reduce overwhelm, stay focused and push you to take action to move towards your goal – learn how to create the road map.


  • How to set personal objectives for your first 90 days – and how to ask for feedback early on, this will help you to plan the 90 days that follow.
  • Learn how to apply this formula – Week 1: orientation. Week 2/3: set short term goals. Month 2: Add value, contribute, and demonstrate skills and abilities. Final month: establish your presence, grow and evaluation your progress.

Episode notes

As an award-winning certified executive and career coach, TEDx speaker, podcast host and former lawyer, I have seen way too many female professionals under selling themselves and settling for less in their careers. I am committed to equipping high achieving women with the tools and support to create careers that are both meaningful and impactful.


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