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We’re On A Mission to Equip & Empower Women to Grow Their Careers

We’re On A Mission to Equip & Empower Women to Grow Their Careers


About Us


The female talent pipeline has been leaky for far too long. In 2023, women still only make up 35% of senior leadership positions. Too many talented female professionals leave roles and sacrifice their career progression because they do not receive the support necessary to thrive and advance in the corporate world.

Companies that have impactful women in leadership positions are 30% more likely to outperform their competitors.

Here at Career Change Makers, we are here to provide career strategy, executive coaching, corporate training and speaking services to help women in corporate unlock their true potential and maximise their career impact.


Our Values


We serve our clients with our core values in mind







Meet Our Founder


Janine Esbrand is an award-winning executive career coach, international speaker and former lawyer. She believes that getting more people into the right roles and career will change the world for the better.

After going through multiple career transitions in her legal career, and then taking the leap into full time entrepreneurship, Janine understands what it means to step away from the conventional career path and instead embrace opportunities that are most aligned with your strengths and values.

Janine has helped lawyers, accountants, sales executives, project managers, business analysts and many other career professionals to transition into more fulfilling and impactful roles using her proprietary D.A.T.A methodology whilst securing 5-figure salary increases.

She has the unique ability to inspire you to action, challenge you to dream bigger and keep you accountable to your desires, always with a smile on her face and passion in her voice.

Through her TEDx talk and top rated Podcast, the “Career Change Maker Podcast”, Janine has helped thousands of women around the world take control of and change their career for the better.

Janine has been recognised as a thought leader by media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance and Huffpost. She has been interviewed on numerous podcasts and has also been included as a panel expert on TV.

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