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JUNE 8, 2023


Episode 222: Build Better Relationships At Work with Chrisa Boyce

In this episode

In this episode of the Career Change Maker Podcast I am joined by the amazing Chrisa Boyce. She is an executive career change coach and corporate consultant with a background in marketing and branding.

We discuss how to build better relationships at work, and how the relationship building skills Chrisa developed has served her throughout her career.
We also explore challenges that come with changing your mind. It is not unusual to land your dream career only for your dreams and goals to change over time. Chrisa shares how she personally embraced this challenge and shares tips on how you can too.


What will you learn in this episode:

  • What makes you stand out – why you are equipped for the role you want.


  • Understanding how to audit your career – how to piece it together into your personal narrative when making career changes to make you stand out and show how relevant your are for the career opportunity.
  • Your competitive advantage – chronology is not as impactful as your narrative. This will help you recognise your synergy and why you are the right candidate.

Episode notes

Chrisa is a speaker, executive coach and business consultant that uses her 15 years of senior leadership and management experience to level up her clients business, professional and personal lives. 

She works closely with founders and senior leadership to create cultures and build infrastructures that company owners (and employees) can be proud of.


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