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Looking for coaching, training and programmes to empower your female talent pipeline to grow with your organisation and make more business impact?

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At the heart of every presentation is Janine’s driving a message of aligning your strengths and values with your career so that you are able to make a bigger impact through your work, whilst experiencing more job satisfaction.


  • Being the CEO of Your Career
  • How to Negotiate For What You Want
  • The Visibility Effect: Get Noticed and Make More Impact


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Executive Coaching

Help your new and existing leaders to navigate the demands of modern leadership in a fast moving environment.

We will help them lead themselves more effectively, so that they can be an impactful leader for others.


We work with you and your team to create dynamic, interactive workshops that will leave your employees feeling motivated and inspired to take action.


  • Career Development Roadmaps
  • Personal Branding
  • Executive Presence
  • Intrapreneurship

Leadership Development Programme

Transform your high-potential female talent into high-impact growth drivers who are motivated and capable of meeting your company growth targets with our Growth Catalyst Program.

“Janine delivered a virtual session for our employees across EMEA on “How to take ownership of your career”. Her talk was very popular with employees, especially since she had valuable tips and ideas on how to take charge of your own future, even in challenging circumstances.

We chose Janine for her ability to engage with the audience and share a genuine commitment to personal growth and development.”

Sarah Fern

Chief People Officer, Velocity Global

“Janine is a highly accomplished coach and speaker. She brings her whole self to any and every situation, has a wealth of knowledge and is a kind, empathetic woman.

She has incredible energy and lights up the room – virtual ones included – with her engaging manner and expertise. I have worked alongside Janine for over a year now, and am excited to continue doing so; I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Alice Olins

Founder, The Step Up Club

“Janine is truly talented and has a wealth of knowledge. I had the pleasure of attending two webinars and one coaching session with Janine. I was particularly impressed with her ability to connect and engage with her audience, offer a new perspective, and deliver a wide range of content. The personal story that she shared in Being The CEO Of Your Own Career was both relatable and enjoyable. After all three interactions, I left with new knowledge and a deeper understanding of how to be a better professional, employee, and manager. Thank you, Janine!”

Lindsay Kordecki

Velocity Global