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july 5, 2023


Episode 226: Masterclass Replay: Make Your Next Career Move, Your Best Move

In this episode

In this episode of the Career Change Maker Podcast I am sharing the audio from my masterclass: “Make Your Next Career Move Your Best Move”, which outlines my four-step framework for a successful career change programme.

The world of work has seen a lot of change recently, which can build the idea of making career changes even more daunting than before. This episode is here to help relieve some of that fear, and to show you it’s totally possible to switch up your career in the current market.

I walk you through my proven four step DATA method – Define, Align, Transition Plan and Attract. I also share some real-life experiences from past clients who have successfully implemented these strategies to pivot themselves into more impactful and senior roles.


What will you learn in this episode:

  • The importance of conducting a career audit – to assess what is not working and identify the best type of career move.


  • How to identify and overcome fears and beliefs – that may be holding you back from making a career change.
  • Leveraging your existing expertise – how to align it with your desired opportunities and how to identify and bridge gaps between your current and desired career

Episode notes

As an award-winning certified executive and career coach, TEDx speaker, podcast host and former lawyer, I have seen way too many female professionals under selling themselves and settling for less in their careers. I am committed to equipping high achieving women with the tools and support to create careers that are both meaningful and impactful.


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