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July 19, 2023


Leveraging Workplace Trauma as Strengths with Zenica Chatman

In this episode

In this episode I welcome the amazing Zenica Chatman, an executive coach, speaker and trainer, to discuss toxic work environments and how to acknowledge and heal from them.

Driven by her own experience of workplace bullying and the emotional and professional impact, Zenica helps others reclaim their power and make it a leveraging strengths in the workplace.

Sadly, I know that workplace trauma is common, especially for women of colour, so I am really thrilled to have Zenica on to discuss her steps for rebuilding confidence, forming an exit plan, and making a career change.

We discuss letting go of guilt and responsibility, and the importance of taking time to heal and acknowledge the effects that the mistreatment has had. Zenica also shares advice on identifying and addressing workplace bullying, and the steps one can take to transition away from it.


What will you learn in this episode:

  • Healing from workplace trauma – It is crucial to heal from a toxic work environments before pursuing a new job.


  • How to acknowledge what happened – Divorcing oneself from feelings of guilt or responsibility is vital – mistreatment is a result of others’ prejudice or issues, not personal shortcomings.
  • Support available – There are tools available, like Strengths Finder, to identify and build your strengths in order to cope. Creating boundaries and “never again” statements regarding acceptable treatment in the workplace will help going forward. You can seek support and guidance from peers or a coach when developing an exit plan.

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